Monday, 11 January 2010

Love At First Sight...

Does it really happens…many of you might say that ‘of course it will’ it might happen right? I am writing this post after I spoke to one of friend who fell in love with her fiancé at first sight…..well its not a big surprise…but my question is how come one can fall in love by ‘first sight’…first meeting is some what better right…at least one can have a chance to know names….but love at first sight……. Heard a story of a person who fell in love with a girl whom he saw in a bus and spend almost a year to find the way to get in touch with her…..and to the girl’s surprise the first question he asked was ‘will you marry me?’….and to my surprise this girl is a complete believer in love at first sight, and you know what did she said to me… ‘ esh, he’d spend one year to ask this question, I don’t want to wait for another year to say the answer’. Wow...….she didn’t even give me a chance ask anymore questions….may be it’s the special feeling they had when they first saw each other…people say u get the feelings or the so called ‘vibrations’ when u c your special ones…...hey do they just say that…or does it really happens!!!!!!!!! Let me know if it happened to you……and how it myt help me to catch the vibrations when it really happens to me :P

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  1. It can happen...but not always, but you know its is always good to hope tht someday someone would just sweep you off your feet


  2. Rishi says:

    Nope, don't buy it. Infatuation, may be. Which, if one's lucky, can actually work into a more mature, grounded relationship.

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