Tuesday, 26 January 2010

365 days of my life....

It was not the first time me watching ‘500 days of summer’ movie, but today I sort of connected to the movie (not in the way of that love story). Last year by this time I was going through the worst phase of my life…worst nahi…the WWWWOOOOORRST one… things were so bad that I could not even think about my future….it took me nearly one year to come out of it….. Though I kept on thinking the same things time did not stop for me, it did its magic and forced me to move on and luckily things have shaped into better condition……. I have started to see life in a positive way…god did help me…and I should also tell you that same year gave me some of the best moments in my life too….which made me to believe in that ‘there are two sides to every coin’…finally here I am writing about my bad time in a good day…..

By the way do watch the movie (if you haven’t), it’s a good one… tells you that one should realize their (opposite person’s) feelings before its too late…. of course there is autumn after summer..but you got to be lucky its a girl...!

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  1. Shahid says:

    I will surely watch the movie,and trust me looking at the positive side is the best thing we can do!!...keep writing


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  3. I haven't watched this movie but now I think I am tempted to. Thanks for sharing.

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