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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


CHANGE…..I know what it meant to obama…..so powerful huh! But changes in FB, google and even the local news paper….. all in one go! CONFUSING –my word of the day.

Why all the big players in social networking domain are changing, be it the layout or adding extra features……. Etc, all at a time! When I look at it, it seems like Google is doing something, so FB wants to do something, so does the twitter or someone else. Even one of the local news paper changed their layout for online edition.

I believe that everyone will be using both Google and FB, but when they see similar features, or some extra features which are not needed..Does it make really sense? Adding extra features is fine, but If they are not useful or user friendly or not needed then what is the point of having them?

I loved FB the way it was and so the news paper, I do agree that for non-tech dubmos like me it takes extra time to understand the core benefits of all these changes, but as a normal person I want such stuff to be easy to understand and use, and I use FB for some of its unique features and gmail for some, if both are offering the same, I guess they lose their value.

I might be wrong, may be few days later, I might be writing another post thanking google and FB for their efforts to make social networking a lot easier…but as of now CONFUSING is the only word that I can think of.

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Fiasco of life

Spending days...Weeks...months in a lonely place …eating all the meals alone…doing all the things on your own….this is what I have been doing for the past 2 months…while ‘working on only week ends’

This is what I do during the week days….Refreshing inbox again n again n again……Whopping happiness when you see the phone ringing and get disappointed if it is about a silly promotional offer they are having…… (God, I hate them, especially when you are waiting for someone’s call or a text) and oh yeah! Today I ate the guy’s brain who called me from Vodafone to about switching from pre paid to post paid….. I was quite (me being quite….no way)for all the 10 mins he took to explain all the ‘benefits’ I can have if I go for postpaid (B/W Do they have a time limit to do this, because that guy was so fast, I couldn’t understand half the things anyway) , I couldn’t play my ‘dumb role’ anymore and told him 101 reasons for why pre paid is better than post pain?

This is how it went…

V1: Good afternoon ma’am, I am calling from Vodafone to tell you some exciting offer we have! But before I do that can you please tell me your phone number? (hello, you called me without knowing my number!)

Me: ok, here it is 0000000000..

V1: thanks for providing me your number, may I know your full name?

Me: okayyyyyyy….it’s Eswari parvathaneni

V1: Thanks parvathi ( PARVATHI????????????? Of course it is a synonym but that’s not my name)

Me: It’s Eswari

V1: oh, sorry.. I thought it’s parvathi.. ok I want to tell you about the benefit of switching from postpaid to prepaid ma’am, we are having a very good offer, you just pay 250 rs a month and you get 300 free mins to call anywhere in India, once you cross your 300 free minutes, you just need to pay 25p/m for Vodafone-vodafone calls and 30 p/m for Vodafone-other networks. This is a very good offer ma’am, and even the procedure to switch is very simple ma’am, you don’t need do anything (no need to pay the bill? :)) , you pay this much for sms, this much for STD calls, ma’am do you have friends abroad? (yeah loads :), but he didn’t wait for me to answer :(), we have very good tariff for international calls as well and roaming charges are absolutely less with postpaid ma’am. Do you want to switch?

Me: ……………………………………………………………..

V1: Ma’am are you there?

Me: ………………………………………………………….

V1: ma’am do you want to know more details?

Me: oh, no, thanks for all the details… (Should I stop here? No way, how can I do this, remember I hate playing mute button)

Eswari back to herself…. So you were telling me that I can get 300 free mins for 250 rs rental?

V1: yes, that’s right!

Eswari: ok, but what’s the point? coz I am getting 603 free mins for 201 recharge on prepaid!

V1: Is it? ok how much it’s costing you for each call (trying to be smart)

Eswari: approx 30p/m!

V1: you see ma’am, 30 p/m to all calls, but if you are on postpaid you pay 25 p/m Vodafone numbers and 30 p/m for other networks

Eswari : I think you are missing a point here, these are 603 free mins I am talking about

V1: yes ma’am , but you are paying 30 p/m to all calls, and with postpaid you pay only 25 p to Vodafone calls

Eswari: ok, I think you are not getting my point, I am getting more free minutes on prepaid than postpaid

V1: but you are paying 30p/m ma’am (a big sigh…………………)

Eswari: where is the point of paying here, I am talking about the more free minutes I am getting


Eswari: are you there? You want more details :P

V1: no ma’am, so you are happy with pre-paid

Eswari: Yes, I am!

Anyway… it’s the only exciting part of today! In fact for this entire week..

And why did name this post as ‘fiasco of life’…….staying alone is a not a fiasco, but missing friends is a fiasco…

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Friday, 7 January 2011

Expect emotions in relations...

Everyone do have feelings…some sort of emotions…love, sadness, happiness, angry.……..but having feelings isn’t enough, expressing them is important… for example… if mr.x likes ms.z its important to let her know about it.....remember one thing here not all the people are clever enough who could understand the feelings without being expressed, in fact once you are in the relation you don’t need to express it every day, but just saying 3 simple words like ‘I love u’, ‘I miss u’ etc frequently would do wonders..

There are people who says that they do love people, but it’s just they don’t express them, they don’t express because they can’t express,may be they have no time or they just don’t know how to say or maybe they don’t see the importance of expressing them… your busy day makes you run along the clock, you could be the person who calculates life in terms of minutes and seconds, or maybe you are the person who see happiness in coins, or may be someone who works so hard 24 x 7 thinking that you are doing all this for your family….or maybe you are the person who says , I will control my emotions/feelings for few years, work hard and earn money and in later years will shower my family with full of happiness………..it all seems to be okay…at least they sounds logical …. ….., what if , being a hard working personality who is busy counting the seconds, minutes and the coins forgets all the emotions he/she has….and when its all over, you go back to your family and try to remember your human side…..you remember nothing, then you will realize that your ‘RAM(HEART) is empty’, it  simply does not work, because you haven’t used it for many years… or may be the other person in your life get used to it and molds her/himself as per your way and forgets about feelings…real feelings…..so it turns to be two machines living in one house instead of two people sharing life in one home…so always remember the person in your life always expects some feelings……it does not need to be in exaggerating or creative way….simple words do make a lot of sense ….do make sure to have some time for your near and dear..don’t let the other person think that he/she does not love me anymore….believe me if such thing starts it eats up their brain/heart and later nothing could be done to get it back……so express your feelings whenever you can, but make sure that it’s never be too late… everyone expects emotions so express them
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Friday, 31 December 2010


Yes, I hate airports…….because that makes people apart from their families and friends…..in fact the excitement of going to another place and meeting new people or may be getting on with the routine life doesn’t give good support at the time when you say good bye to your near n dear , your head down, still holding their hands or may be scratching their bag, clothes   and say silly things like “there is something here on your shirt, let me c” or ‘your bag looks nice…where did u get it’..’ I am not crying, I am ok’……and say all the stupid silly things to make sure that U don’t leave ur dear ones quickly…..when it is the time to say good bye…it’s just the mouth saying good bye .. but not the eyes …and  of course  definitely not the heart……
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Monday, 29 November 2010

My world is changing…..

Yes, my world is changing, not that the world around me is changing…but it’s me the sole reason behind it….I have stopped to dwell on the negative side of the coin….giving warm welcome to the positive feelings…..I worked hard to move on …. (Of course my friends n family helped me a lot in this aspect)….and I moved on, the result is happy smiles flowering in my life again…and I am happy because now I am able to see all of them…..

So friends keep smiling and indulge yourself with tons of positive energy…
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Sunday, 19 September 2010

few sms in my day.....

*A fantastic letter by a little kid who hates Maths;

"Dear Maths,

Please grow up soon & try to solve your own problems... Don't depend on others....!!" Good Morning

*Anybody can love a rose but no one luv a leaf that adds beauty 2 rose! Don't Luv some1 who is beautiful, but luv some1 who can make Ur life beautiful...

*Don't expect anything from life, expectations may hurt! when u don't expect, every moment is a surprise, and every surprise bring happiness....Good day.....
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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Is it so hard??????

Is it so hard to accept the mistakes????????  I mean everyone does mistakes right…I do hell lot of mistakes…but  I am happy to accept them or I don’t mind  to accept them...but only when I am able to convince myself that I did a mistake and I do listen to people when they try to prove me that I am wrong….well, I don’t know why I am writing this, it happened today that 2 persons were not able to accept the mistake which has been noted by most of the people in our group…..the worst part was even them two knew that it’s a mistake but they are not ready to  accept it….or may be they were  not able to accept it just because I pointed that out!!!!! And on top I am not very good at convincing people, so may be they were  not happy with the way I told them about their mistakes…..what ever I am not pleased with myself as I was not able to correct it and not at all happy with them two………..
Note: Did not want to write a post about it, but this seems to be the best way to let out my feelings, so here is the post……
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