Monday, 4 January 2010

Busy Buzz.....

Dear all,

First of all let me wish you a very happy new year....I know its too late...but as this post title says I have been busy with my job hunt n now with my new job....finally managed to get my first professional job....

Remember I have been telling that I would actually njoy when I come back to india....but all that seems to be a day dream now.. did n't stay at home for too many days.....could n't spend much time with my near n I am all alone again....different place n different people...everything is different now..........

wish that all these different things turn out to be something at least.....

will do my best to post regularly......

once again wish u all the happiness for coming days

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  1. thanx and same to were r u from?...and were r u now?

  2. shahana says:

    u got an interesting blog!!!Happy to read it!!!

  3. Eswari says:

    @shahid i was in uk , now iam in hyderabad,,
    @shahana thanks for visiting my blog

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