Wednesday, 21 September 2011


CHANGE…..I know what it meant to obama… powerful huh! But changes in FB, google and even the local news paper….. all in one go! CONFUSING –my word of the day.

Why all the big players in social networking domain are changing, be it the layout or adding extra features……. Etc, all at a time! When I look at it, it seems like Google is doing something, so FB wants to do something, so does the twitter or someone else. Even one of the local news paper changed their layout for online edition.

I believe that everyone will be using both Google and FB, but when they see similar features, or some extra features which are not needed..Does it make really sense? Adding extra features is fine, but If they are not useful or user friendly or not needed then what is the point of having them?

I loved FB the way it was and so the news paper, I do agree that for non-tech dubmos like me it takes extra time to understand the core benefits of all these changes, but as a normal person I want such stuff to be easy to understand and use, and I use FB for some of its unique features and gmail for some, if both are offering the same, I guess they lose their value.

I might be wrong, may be few days later, I might be writing another post thanking google and FB for their efforts to make social networking a lot easier…but as of now CONFUSING is the only word that I can think of.

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