Monday, 30 November 2009

Happy at Home

Finally......Happily ....I am at home, sweet home...

It's been weeks  to  write something, I have been busy with my final last suppers/dinners n lunch with all my  friends ..

 I have been telling everyone that I would be leaving soon..but it took me nearly 2 months to leave them ......U know it's always hard to leave  near n dear..speacially when you know that u may not see them again ..Being a senti-Soul I have been preparing my self   not to cry by telling the other side of the story that I am  going to stay with my parents , would spend weeks with my sister and  would fill my days with  full of fun by playing with my lovely niece and nephews and  would watch all new movies with my friends......but nothing helped me when I had to say the good-bye  lines to my friends..........I could not stop myself  crying ...I did n't want to leave them ..seriously  I know that I had to leave and I know that I cant stay with them for so long ..but I wish I could stay with them for few more weeks( may b years)...BUT  I know that I will be typing the same lines even after spending another 10 yrs with them...because they are so special...

Hope to see them again....

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  1. Joshna says:

    That's true Esh, it's always difficult to leave the people - with whom we spent part of our life - which includes all emotions.

  2. Finally somebody is back...gr8 to see ya

  3. Write soon! We are waiting!

  4. you've leaved after two months & two months gone after your leave.
    Interesting post.

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