Friday, 7 January 2011

Expect emotions in relations...

Everyone do have feelings…some sort of emotions…love, sadness, happiness, angry.……..but having feelings isn’t enough, expressing them is important… for example… if mr.x likes ms.z its important to let her know about it.....remember one thing here not all the people are clever enough who could understand the feelings without being expressed, in fact once you are in the relation you don’t need to express it every day, but just saying 3 simple words like ‘I love u’, ‘I miss u’ etc frequently would do wonders..

There are people who says that they do love people, but it’s just they don’t express them, they don’t express because they can’t express,may be they have no time or they just don’t know how to say or maybe they don’t see the importance of expressing them… your busy day makes you run along the clock, you could be the person who calculates life in terms of minutes and seconds, or maybe you are the person who see happiness in coins, or may be someone who works so hard 24 x 7 thinking that you are doing all this for your family….or maybe you are the person who says , I will control my emotions/feelings for few years, work hard and earn money and in later years will shower my family with full of happiness……… all seems to be okay…at least they sounds logical …. ….., what if , being a hard working personality who is busy counting the seconds, minutes and the coins forgets all the emotions he/she has….and when its all over, you go back to your family and try to remember your human side… remember nothing, then you will realize that your ‘RAM(HEART) is empty’, it  simply does not work, because you haven’t used it for many years… or may be the other person in your life get used to it and molds her/himself as per your way and forgets about feelings…real feelings… it turns to be two machines living in one house instead of two people sharing life in one home…so always remember the person in your life always expects some feelings……it does not need to be in exaggerating or creative way….simple words do make a lot of sense ….do make sure to have some time for your near and dear..don’t let the other person think that he/she does not love me anymore….believe me if such thing starts it eats up their brain/heart and later nothing could be done to get it back……so express your feelings whenever you can, but make sure that it’s never be too late… everyone expects emotions so express them

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  1. emtional guy says:

    My emotions never agree with My feelings..

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