Sunday, 4 July 2010

7th Anniversary

Ok, I wish I could write many more lines than this, but I am very bad at expressing my feelings especially the happy/good ones, so  I am trying to sum it up in few lines, It’s been exactly 7 years that I met my best buddy, he has been there all the time listening- listening-listening to all the crap I said, laughing at the not so funny jokes I make, ready with the tissues (over the phone) to wipe my tears, supporting me all the time ….he is the one who knows everything about me and still loves me so much….Sameer thanks for accepting me the way I am  and I am happy for you coming into my life, hope we will be together to share the good and bad for another 93 years… less I guess , but  it’s ok I will adjust…..

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  1. sam says:

    tears ..tears ..i just shed a ocean of tears my dear..such a nice blog. don`t worry these are tears of happiness..
    HAPPY 7th ANNIVERSARY..tears again..where is the tissue..
    lol..dat was fun..

    i know its been one hell of a ride with you or less ..but i adjusted to it.. ;)

    luv ya..always..

    7 July 2010 04:20

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