Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My Wish List....

1.Visit China- Don't know why but some how I have this special interest-bond with china…be it Chinese food (no snakes pls), Chinese people, Movies, Music, Books about china and most importantly Jackie chan...

2. Meet Jackie Chan...I like him very much, it’s his smile& sense of humour which attracts me more than his action sequences...the other day I was telling this to my best buddy and we made a plan...I would ask my would-be/hubby for honey moon to Malaysia or some other country near by china. So we can stop by china and meet Jackie Chan.....

3. Mid night walk in the town-- been asking/begging/pleading my friends.....wish I could do this soon…

4.Cook for my mom-- still remember the days when I used to call home and ask my mom for recipes....'amma........daal for 6 many cups… how much salt' .....Things have changed now. I am ok with cooking..the other day my mom asked me ' you always say that you cooked this and that for your friends/flatmates when you gonna cook for me' then I said 'wait till I come back , I will cook for one entire week.. what ever you want to eat…u tell me I will cook for you' then she goes' I have spent my entire life cooking for you and your father now you just gonna cook only one week'..Huh........I am eagerly waiting to go and cook for my mom… hope she likes it..

5. Play volley ball/basket ball in the rain-I am not very good at both of them...but would love to play when it's raining...

6. Watch Fireworks- I love to watch fireworks, be it diwali or new year... just love watching them....couldn’t watch the new year fireworks for the last 3 years...last time I just missed it......hope I watch it for this diwali..

7. Want to be a florist...just love being around so many flowers

8. Want to go on long drives....pch wish I could drive

Small list right….would love to do these things in near future….at least some of them…

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  1. The third thing is one of my fav...I do that a lot...I go on a midnight...if you are in pune I could have helped ya wid it

  2. Eswari says:

    sure, will give u a call, if i come to pune

  3. Ekam says:

    About cooking for mom, do it next time when you are with her. She'll love it. I remember when I cooked for the first time. The dish I cooked was terrible! But she was "bahut acha bana hai. next time aur bhi acha banega" . And when I tasted it, it was terrible. Just terrible. But next time, it was delecious. Try it sweetie. She'll love it . And more than her, you'll love it:)

  4. Eswari says:

    Ekam: will do that, i dont know what she gonna say,, but i am sure i will njoy it

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