Friday, 18 September 2009

Pursuit of real happiness!!!

I come from a very small village, thus most of the people know each other very well…

When I was in school/college It was a big deal to go abroad (from my village)...but most of our generation did well in studies (unlike me) and been to countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia etc...So I didn’t think much to ask my dad that I want to do my PG in abroad , as always my lovely dad didn’t say no and supported me in all the ways.

I am happy with my life in UK which helped me to have better understanding of what I did, what I do and what I need to do ….but did miss my family, friends and little little happy moments too.. As most of you knew that I am saying good bye to one of my life time adventurous life in UK to pursue better life back home with near n dear…

Along with the rest of the world, my village has been seeing this hi-fi development too .Now going to abroad is no more a big deal. Now days when I ever I call home, it became as obvious news to hear that some one is going to a different country…

But Y? This is the question I wanted to ask most of my friends who came here and now asking everyone who asks for my opinion about their plan of going to abroad… by chance one of my cousin asked me to help him with his GRE /TOFEL preparation, I know that I am a big Zero when it comes to GRE, I told him the same, apart from that I couldn’t stop my curiosity to ask the same usual boring question ‘why do you want to go? , to which he gave me a simple answer ‘Everyone is going na, that’s why I want to go as well’ fair enough?, did not surprise me much…but then my keenness to know more about his choice pushed me to dig some more , so I asked him will he be okay to leave everyone/everything behind and stay in a different country?.....but this time it surprised me to know that its his parents who are interested to send him abroad , he knows that he will miss his happiness(at least some happiness), but he is helpless to convince his parents …….which seemed to be bit disappointing for me and for him too..

Well I am happy that I find a person with similar thoughts and he didn’t ask me the same question which I always encounter in this kind of discussions. I know some of you might ask me that why did I come here…well I had no one to tell me the situation and I didn’t realize that I am gonna miss so much... otherwise I would have a given a second thought before coming here….

I came across few people asking my opinion about their dream of coming to abroad, I told them to give another thought instead of jumping with high dreams and catch the flight…yet some people /friends did get me wrong, they thought that I was trying to discourage them because I don’t want them to progress/ I am jealous/ I am not supportive etc etc…But its not true.

What I meant/mean is if anyone is really serious about their aims of gaining international exposure or seeks a better future in abroad then it is not easy as we always think. Going to abroad gives us only the chance to achieve our goals but may not bring the good future which we always expect.If they are happy to stay back and see better future in India then they don’t need to follow the others path and be miles apart to the true happiness.

I wish I could have some one to tell me this thing, so that I wouldn’t have missed some of the happiness which I thought I did….. but no worries now I will be going back soon to fill my life with happy smiles(Hopefully..:-)

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  1. Hey .. we were all so proud of you and awe-inpspired when you left for UK. It was exciting so say the least.

    See Eash.. I think even if someone had told you to reconsider, you would have gone ahead and done it. You were passionate about going abroad for higher studies.

    What everyone wants is a chance to establish themselves. And waht with better labs, opportunities and competition people are willing to travel miles away from home for the right future. And then there is the added attraction of money, a law abiding soceity etc etc.

    Well written Eash. Good read.

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