Monday, 21 September 2009

Bloggie Awards-----Hurrayyyyy

Awards for my blog.....Yippee,

I am happy to receive all these awards as a token of encouragement from all my friends.

Here they are..

1.A grand Welcome from My dear friend Rohini

Ro'..Thanks for such a warm welcome to the bloggie world, hope you dont mind for posting it belatedly ..u know the reason right that it took me so long to understand this awards concept..

2. Blog Buddies From Rohini again...

Thanks for inspiring and introducing me to this wonderful bloggie's world...I love this picture alot!!!!

3.One  lovely award is from swapna

Thanks for sharing this award swapna, I am really glad to recieve this..

I would like to pass this award  to Rohini, Farishta,Ekam,Happy Birdie...

Thanks to all my bloggie friends...have a very good day...

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  1. Ekam says:

    Hey thanks a lot dear :)

  2. Congrats, we are so proud of you!

  3. Hey thank you!

    don't worry about posting it late.. I found blogger and blogging confusing when I starting too.. somethings I still dont understand.. like how to make my pictures big.

    Thanks for that lovely award. Between you and me, I alwasy wanted that.. I am just so happy to get it from you.

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