Friday, 31 December 2010


Yes, I hate airports…….because that makes people apart from their families and friends… fact the excitement of going to another place and meeting new people or may be getting on with the routine life doesn’t give good support at the time when you say good bye to your near n dear , your head down, still holding their hands or may be scratching their bag, clothes   and say silly things like “there is something here on your shirt, let me c” or ‘your bag looks nice…where did u get it’..’ I am not crying, I am ok’……and say all the stupid silly things to make sure that U don’t leave ur dear ones quickly…..when it is the time to say good bye…it’s just the mouth saying good bye .. but not the eyes …and  of course  definitely not the heart……

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  1. hey jus read ur blog... impressive thoughtts id say.. amazin write too!
    but i was jus wondering doesnt the airport kinda bring feelings of excitement to explore a new country, a new soil, new humans nd stuff.?!

  2. Eswari says:

    @Ajay: As I said, excitement to visit new places and meeting new people doesnt always help, especially when u r leaving ur near n dear...thanks for visiting my blog

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