Saturday, 6 March 2010

One Missed Call....

One Missed call!!!!!!

Wanted this Saturday to be the laziest day of the week….so planned to wake up at 10ish, prepared for it, kept my mobile in silent mode, told my mom about it and left a message to my best friend that I won’t be able to come online in the morning etc etc , but having the habit of checking the time  made me to wake up at 7, there it is ‘ One Missed call’ from my friend…..for which I have been waiting for so long…..I never wanted that to be a MISSED call…but here it is winking at me saying that’ ‘I missed you dear, but u missed my call’….quickly checked the time….she called me at 2.30am……….2.30am..What made her to call me at that time…..was she ok? Something serious? Did she want to share something? All these questions rambled in my mind…..

She is my ‘special’ friend; we used to talk/chat for hours when we were far away by miles….. Now we are in the same city….but things seems to be changed now…. I do accept that we got busy with the jobs and routine stuff…. But a simple text saying that good morning/gud nyt does not take much time right? And these days we don’t even need to type much… one can just type ‘h r u’ to find out how they r doing…….I know that ‘It takes two hands to clap’ but getting in touch with the friend does not need to be a two way scenario right( at least not always).. so I do send some texts, wishes, and sometimes call her too….trying not to have a big communication gap between us……..but  can I do that every time? No, some times I hope to get a text from her asking me how I am or just a simple joke or a nice saying, or a quick call of 2 mins would make me very happy……well having all these thoughts I have deleted her number for so many times( just from the phone …but not from my heart :P ), but as I said she is my ‘special’ friend right, so couldn’t able to do for so long…again there were one way texts, calls,….and on on….

So, after all these drama, I was so happy to see the missed call from her, I texted her asking ‘what happened?’ (tried to cover my happiness n be normal)… and god, believe I waited for so long to get  the reply...n I heard by phone beeping , there it  was ,the message from her,,,,,, I didn’t expected /wanted the reply to be ‘Nothing re called you by mistake’ ……………………………….I was like WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT??????????.... she called me by mistakeeee………………………seems to be a simple/common mistake right? But for me it brought me another yet a sad morning……….did had such experiences before like some times when I call her she says, hey can I call u back in 5 mins, which she meant  5 weeks or months….no reply to off lines /texts…..but today certainly it will make a big change…surely it will….

I do have very good friends… but having a lot of friends does not make u happy when u r loosing one friend right…same thing  is happening to me….so do keep in touch with all ur friends( at least try to be)…because it’s always good to be in touch…

P.S: Just wanted to share my disappointment over the ‘missed call’…did not want to point out anybody.

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  1. kabir says:

    hi can I call u back in 5 mins.
    keep it up going well.

  2. Eswari says:

    @Kabir: so finally someone got lil time to read my blog huh?

    kabir yes.. I do the same thing but only when I am really busy....don't forget that I still keep in touch with all my friends including U

  3. Haddock says:

    it happens sometimes.

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