Thursday, 10 September 2009

Are they really missing something?

I love kids...who doesn't...My half of the world is filled up with the happy moments that I have got from the duo -my lovely little nieces(Sweety&Honey)..They are two fascinating parts in my life..... let it be playing..talking..or simply watching them while they sleep I just love it ..

Now I got little problem with them... it's about their 'play time'.....

When ever I go back to India , spending my days with them used to fill me with the joy , hoping for the same this time I have decided to grab much more happy days -thanks for the summer holidays....but to much of my disappointment, I found these little little changes in the way they sweety likes my mobile more than me..she prefers playing with my lappy more than me..she prefers watching the cartoon to my stories........which really surprised me a lot....whom should I blame me or her..common I cant blame her coz I love her ..

I always feel that I enjoyed my child hood a lot...having the advantage of growing up in a village we had the chance to play with the nature .....let it b mud..soil.. leaves or flowers...everything had the space in our lovely little play time....I never remembered about worrying about the exams or home work arey yaar I never used to carry a lot of books..except the slate which I used to draw my playhouse...

I have decided to pour some of my memories in to my sweety' I have tried to introduce story books like balamithra and shared my child hood games like '7 penkulata-Lagori' and 'asta-chemma' I even bought her a new kitchen play set to play.......and I did make sure to tell her a story before we sleep...she seemed to be happy with her new playing habits..

sweety@vizag beach , I love playing with water specially sea where we can play with both the water and sand..we had very gud time and guess what she njoyed more than me to built this house...:-)

But does it gonna continue...I hope it I am going back to India for good., hoping to see the happiness of sweety playing with the natural world rather than with machines and I really want to see her spending more time with the persons than PCs....

I am just hoping for my wishes to come true....

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  1. Very sweet post Eash. I face this too with my neice and nephews, especially the ones in america, more than the ones in India. I have to literally wrestle gadgets out of their hands to make them look at me and talk. Painful.. Scary.. and very sad.

    I am so glad you are blogging :D.. I got one more blog to post longggggg comments unabashedly

  2. Bala says:

    With the technology and the world around us advancing, these are some side effects that come along with it...

    This generation kids have more exposure to gadgets and they are getting attracted to it very much... It's ouw duty to induce the habits of playing with the nature in them...

    Great u did that!

  3. Eswari says:

    @bala Thanks for stopping by and so true that its our responsibility to notice them i always ask my sister to spend alot of time with them ...hoping that it myt help them to be away from all those gadgets for some time

  4. Joshna says:

    Hey Esh,

    As you are there now, I wish you both enjoy with the natural world.

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